Foodie Friday: The Secret to Venison Steak Sandwiches

Venison is perfect for steak sandwiches. While it’s OK to just grill a venison steak and put it between two pieces of crusty bread, there’s a better and more classic way to make steak sandwiches.


Venison Steak Sandwich

Tender, melt-in-your-mouth venison steak sandwiches make outstanding meals that cooks of all skill levels can pull off. (Photo courtesy


The secret is to thin-slice raw venison into thin strips, then flash-cook them in a dab of oil. Use ultra-chilled (not quite thawed out and just a little frozen) meat, so you can slice it ultra-thin.

Sauté some onion and pepper slices first and have them ready to go. Don’t use too much oil with the steak — you want it to sear fast and cook up quickly. Use Hoagie rolls, French bread or other good hard-crusted buns, and pile up the meat. Add the veggies, au jus on the side and call it a French dip. Top with some provolone cheese (the hot meat and veggies will melt it), and you have a Philly cheese steak sandwich. Enjoy!


Deer Processing: How to Remove a Venison Backstrap



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